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Saturday, April 03, 2010

happy easter -2010 everyone in anjelLand

i dont know what to post in here for easter...i made the photo on top earlier and lee hongki aka.jeremy is not on the photo , so i decided to make a special one of him. i couldnt find any recent photo of our dear cheerful playful baby jeremy but this. i hope its ok...(hehe) excited (ever) this is our second anjell4ever day and as far as i noticed it looks so good in here. mostly im happy for the result of trying to "revive" YB-anjell. i was worried it goin to fall apart from the day few admin and mod left/quit yab international and forum. (sad) but oh well somethings we cant control. I JUST HOPE NO ONE IS IN BAD CONDITION though. (we dont want any of our YB member and fellow "pen"/fan to be in some trouble.) Family cares for each other at all time....
oh dear i m having my senti moments here. i better stop now...jajajajajaja!
OK HAPPY EASTER EVERYONE- ENJOY YOUR EGG HUNT....(note eat chocolate less -ok? remember if you wanna get (flirty) to your anjell idol.)...teheeee......
take care and enjoy! xoxoxoxoxoxoxo.......- (ever here)




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