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Wednesday, May 05, 2010

jang geun suk leading lady in you're my pet

The news we've all been waiting. Who will be "You're my Pet's" female lead? Here is your answer... nobody have guess it right. Who would have thought of Ye Seul? She is so lucky these days, after Rain's MV female lead comes JKS leading lady. Han Ye Seul, Jackpot!!!

Let me refresh your memory, Jang Keun Suk and Han Ye Seul both won "2009 Best Dresser". Click here.


jang geun suk -random photos in a magazine SG fm-

hope you dont mind my random post...i just cant help myself not noticing and posting this one...
I LOVE that figure 8 pose of sukkie there......jajajajaja sexy sukkie.

credit : lovesears

jang geun suk- SG fm merchandise give away.

 this is a blur-berry photo of sukkie fan merchandise give-away to be given for the person with the choosen poem sometimes in May.
in my recent post you can see the details about the competition.  
so goodluck everyone dont missed out -send in ur best sukkie poem now.

credit: adjani@singapore

jang geun suk -little kid

this is random ..i was searching for something for mothers day and bump into this photo in google...
isnt that cute?? yes...hahahaha...cutey sukkie
it really shows how talented he is already ever since...(shud i say since birth?) jejejejejeje...crii crii.....
ok enjoy everyone....xoxo




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