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About us

Hi everyone..
Welcome to our beautiful site that's about ANJELL and us..
This page, we talk about our beautiful angels and have fun..
This page is for people from all over the world, for those who have seen You're Beautiful drama and may look at later..
We have created a separate page about what drama is all about if you have not seen it..
So now what do you think about our site? was not good?
You can get your ideas and give us suggestions if you are not satisfied with the site..
We welcome suggestions from you and you..
Otherwise you can and you contact our administrators.
And so we have a few rules that will encourage you to follow, which is on the next page.
Thank you for taking the time to visit our site..
Hope we can provide you with images and texts that you will not forget..
Once again, THANKS for taking the time to visit us..

Administrators have our number, because when we log on as ANJELL then you may get frustrated and wonder who we are. if you look at our numbers at the end of
comments ours, you will see who you talk to.

Nary - '1'
Everlips - '2'
Est-Z - '3'
Lollipop - '4'




Our Anjells

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