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Friday, April 23, 2010 @chatroll

to all dear anjell lovers,anjellholic, and anjell pens- lets follow the footsteps of our beloved idols.......Don forget to dropby and share......LETS MAKE A GOOD IMPRESSION too alL anjellic friends and k-pop/k-drama international fans 

JANG GEUN SUK-photos after SG con

CREDIT TO: below link-

jang guen suk -SG you tube videos

anjell friends im random today (i mean most of the time) but yes i will just post link and channel to all sukkie Singapore you tube vids...its easier this way and yes it one and good way how to promote and credit all those sukkie loving fans with their effort of making and posting those cutey vids of him...FIGHTING!



JKS Flying Kiss


jang geun suk -SG FM PressCon Video (in english)

" ohhhh sukkie international sweetheart in english its rockin"

credit to :

and of course : lovesears

jang geun suk -SG airport

sorry anjells friends i will just post two picture of him...i will give the link to this post here too....hehe
"im sicky today so lazy to fuzz around"

my anjell source: and credit to this belove sukkie pen...(hehehehe)




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