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Friday, April 02, 2010

Cri-J logo contest results


This is Cri-J staff.

This is to inform you of the results of the Cri-J logo contest.

Thanks for the support youve shown for the logo contest.

So many of you showed interest and participated.

There were a lot of very creative eels as wed expected.

Above is the winner among nearly 200 entries.

It was designed by Choroknabi.

(Weve already contacted her and are going to reward her with a small gift.)

The colors and fonts can be modified but the above logo will be the basis.

As weve announced on the previous notice, the logo will be used on gifts and goods for

official events. Therefore, uses apart from that is prohibited.

Thank you again for your love and encouragement.

Your participation and support for these events moves us and it is the biggest inspiration for us.

Big cheers for Mr. Jang and

please show us continuous support for future events.

Thank you.


Source: JKS ofc site

cred : sears@her blog

Sukkie oppa personal msg 28th March

Today there is no photo bait.k

AhAh This is Jang Keunsuk.

I received the best appeal awards yesterday, thanks to your fervent support~!!

applause applause applause
* 짝 means the clapping sound.

I thought I couldn"t receive any prize in this year neither, but I owe you all Jangers, you know?

"Cause of Jangers I wasn"t discouraged in front of Senior Lee ByungHun. k

And then Senior Lee ByungHun said if there is a chance, let"s have a liquor and work together.

ㅎㅎ Thank you so sooooo much everybody^^

And I"m so sorry for canceling today"s ceremony.

(sears: Jang Geun Suk's live charity performance was one of the canceled public events for mourning victims of naval ship sinking on the 26th. read

I didn"t drink and come home yesterday with nervous to sing a new song in front of Jangers.. ㅜ.ㅜ

HulRangEe shook me several times out of my sleep from 11am, but due to a touch of cold I couldn"t wake up,
barely wore my gown to take a shower, all of a sudden the ceremony was canceled.

So to go to sleep again, lay down, sprang up!!!

How should I do the KimBab?
* Yesterday after BaekSang awards, he promised us to buy 100 KimBabs for the Jangers who were waiting for him at City hall. (Finally he gave those Jangers the KimBabs with tuna and with Bulgogi.)

*김밥 : KimBab is the Korean food(very similar to Californian Rolls) with seasoned rice, sliced carrot, pickled radish, Ham, egg, and etc. wrapped with a dried black laver.

HulRang HeungRo Bro said "I"m coming with them right now."

Me whew... Got it, softly closed my eyes (fell a sleep)

I stuck to my promise!!!

Yesterday during our get-together, I made a reservation to KimBab restaurant.

I"ll not feed you the normal Kimbab. k
* he bought the Kimbab with Extra Something(Tuna, bulgogi, etc) , it"s 30% expensive than the normal Kimbab.. Isn"t he cute?

Gather-Gathering your burning energy of Jangers!

Today I eat some sweet potatoes and eggs and softly go to sleep too!


**Actor Jang"s Six comments**
Already state of taking a cold medicine HuMingMingMing
Do no use Tags!! Only for me!!
On Monday I"ll go to HeeChul"s Radio.
I catch a cold..but I wanna go to china quickly
The hair of Yesterday was Priests".
HuAm.. Now the effect of cold medicine come-come-cri.. I"ll go to sleep BByeeeng^^ChuChu
cr : sears@her blog

Original sources from M U S E @ jks official site

Jang Keun Suk Popularity Award winner in Baesang 46th art awards


Credit: rainee and soyabeans@youtube

Keunsuk at Heechul’s Youngstreet Radio 29th March (English pointers)

It’s not really a transcript but here are some pointers of the radio broadcast just now. Sorry, it’s kind of messy and some parts are not very clear as I was just hearing the gist of it.

• I’m nt sure if its Geunsuk or Geunsuk’s fans, they got Heenim a cake and flowers for the first broadcast (:

• Heenim first tried to take a polaroid of Geunsuk but was like ‘how do you use this’ as he was aiming the camera at Geunsuk but not able to take a polaroid. [If I didn't see wrongly, he did not on the camera =_=] Then Geunsuk used it first to take a pic of Heenim and then Heenim took one of Geunsuk as well (:

• Geunsuk was mentioning something about Heenim’s top because its kind of thin and thus his nipples were like sticking out (as usual 
sleep.gif). Heenim kept covering his chest with his hands, lol.

• Geunsuk read out a fan message abt Heenim’s socks and Heenim raised his feet up high, lol. Couldn’t see which character socks he was wearing x_x

• They did a call out to Hongki who is currently in Japan and also another call out to Mithra Jin. Aww, that AB clan <3

• Geunsuk tried a couple of times to use the video camera for bora to focus on Heenim’s chest, lolol.

• Dahae gave Heenim a Hello Kitty seat cushion and Heenim was like, what, is this a mask (puts on face) and doing weird actions as u can see from the caps here, lol. Then he used it to effectively cover his chest.

• Heenim told Dahae abt the chest issue and he was repeating after Dahae when she said the top is ’see-through’ in english. Dahae wanted to strike up an english conversation with Heenim, and lmao heenim with his YO MAN and all that

• They took pictures of Dahae placing a manwon note (i think so) into Heenim’s cat coin bank. [This cat coin bank is actually exactly the same one as the one we got for Heenim's birthday last year but we won't be able to know if it's ours as I saw that he was carrying another of this cat at one of the concert overseas :/ Oh well, at least we know he likes that cat, lol.]

• Dahae’s english name is Cherry and Heenim was like, Oh, my nickname from fans used to be Kim Cherry as well because he likes red. Dahae explained something like when her mom was in Australia, that name came abt because it was simple and her mom saw it there or something then Heenim joked around and said something like, what if your mom saw a Kangaroo instead, LOLOL.

• Dahae jokingly picked english names for the two guys, Geunsuk = Michael, Heenim = Leo.

• Heenim took a polaroid of Dahae as well (:

• Heenim kept mimicking the scenes from Chuno & also kept calling them Korea’s prettiest lady (dahae) and most handsome flower boy (geunsuk). Btw, it was Dahae’s first time on a radio show

• A fan message came in and said how about having Dahae as the main lead of SJ’s 4th album’s title song. Heenim was like OK, then I’ll be the male lead.

• Another fan message came in that said ‘Honestly, Dahae unni, you hate Heenim’s hair right? right?’ and so Heenim kept asking Dahae on her opinions of his hairstyle. Dahae was like, I like it, you carried it well. She said something like she don’t really like long hair on guys but Geunsuk and Heenim carried it well so it’s good.

• Geunsuk’s part had already ended in the first hr but he stayed back and sat next to Heenim through the rest of the show, it was like as if it was Heenim and Geunsuk’s Youngstreet XD

• Heenim sort of kept holding onto Geunsuk when he was sitting next to him and Geunsuk then held his hand up to show to the camera that Heenim’s holding his hands again, LOL! <3

credit Cri J Malaysia

Jang Keun Suk Attend Choi Jin Young Funeral

Actor Choi Jin Young had committed suicide on March 29th. Jang Keun Suk attend his funeral yesterday. =(
One and a half years after “The Nation’s Actress” Choi Jin-shil committed suicide, her younger brother had followed suit.
On March 29, the body of actor and singer Choi Jin-young, 39, was found at his home in Nonhyeon-dong in Gangnam, Seoul. According to the police, he died by hanging himself.
Original resources: By JONATHAN M. HICAP
Jin-young became inactive in the Korean entertainment scene since Jin-shil committed suicide in 2008.After the actress’s death, Jin-young and his mother took care of her two children. He announced last month that he would go back to acting.
After Jin-shil’s death, Jin Young appeared on a TV show to talk about the times before she died. His demise brings back painful memories of Jin-shil’s death. Jin-shil was one of South Korea’s most loved actresses. Her death came after her friend Ahn Jae-hwan committed suicide in September 2008. Online rumors began to circulate that she pressured Ahn to pay his debt which drove him to kill himself. Jin-shil asked the police to investigate who spread the rumors. Eventually, two employees of a securities firm were charged with spreading groundless rumors about the actress. This reportedly further depressed the actress and eventually lead to her death. Jin-shil had been suffering from depression since her divorce from her husband, Jo Sung-min, a former baseball player.
Last year, the two employees were found guilty by the Seoul Central District Court. They were given a two-year suspended sentence and ordered to render 120 hours of community service. Last year, Jin-shil’s ashes were stolen from her grave. A man was eventually caught by the police who admitted taking the ashes.

Credits: Cri-J Malaysia

Keunsuk at Heechul’s Youngstreet Radio 29th March

Credit to Cri-J Malaysia

KOREAN WAVE 39 magazine interview

Beautiful perfectionist Jang Geun Suk, not only does he possess a handsome appearance, his acting has also received high praise.
In the romantic comedy drama, “You’re Beautiful”, he has transformed into a popular idol and has fully shown his charm. From the interesting happenings at the set of shooting the drama to his personal views on love, this interview on Jang Geun Suk, which is equal to a beautiful photobook shall be presented to you.
“You Are Beautiful” is a Drama that can beautify the soul
Regarding Jang Geun Suk, what is your impression of him? Is it the nobleman’s son who is loyal to his love in “Hwang Jin Yi”, or the lonely Prince Chang Hui in “Hong Gil Dong”, or the passionate music genius Geun Yu in “Beethoven’s Virus”?
From cute to calm, and then to passionate. With the varying changes in his characters, he will display a different appearance. Due to the varying nature of his characters, there is no fixed image, therefore that is probably the impression Jang Geun Suk has on people.
Compared to Jang Geun Suk himself, the characters portrayed by him are more capable of leaving an impression on others. Jang Geun Suk is this type of actor.
Regarding the experience and capability of Jang Geun Suk who has debuted as a child actor, veteran actor Jeong Jin Yeong who has previously worked with Jang Geun Suk in two movies gave this comment :
In the characters that he has portrayed as up till now, they are very similar in terms of personality and age compared to Jang Geun Suk himself. “You’re Beautiful” has also enabled him to fully display the charms that he possessed.

This is a drama which is based on a popular idol group consisting of three “Flower Boys” as the main characters. In the drama, Jang Geun Suk plays the talented yet eccentric leader Hwang Tae Kyung.
Regarding this drama, Jang Geun Suk has immediately decided to take part after reading the script. The biggest reason lies in the similarity of age between his character and himself. As the roles he has played before are usually older than his actual age, in fact there are some times of reluctance for him as well. Besides, in “Hwang Jin Yi”,”Beethoven’s Virus” and the movie “Case of The Itaewon Homicide”, Jang Geun Suk’s characters portrays a lot of sadness and darkness.
“Compared to those characters, I feel that Hwang Tae Kyung in this drama is a role that can best show my style in the first half of the 20th century. The idol character is a role that will not come again after i exceed my current age, besides its the first time for me to take part in a romantic comedy which is similar to girl comics. Therefore I felt that i should take part no matter what. The other reason is, I have worked together with the Hong Sisters before in “Hong Gil Dong” and I feel that they are scripwriters that can be trusted.”
All productions by the Hong Sisters are sure to be popular, it is a best seller script. To them, it is also the first time using one actor to take part in two consecutive productions. However for this drama they have decided to select Jang Geun Suk to take up the role. Therefore trust is not only the main factor, but in a scriptwriter’s eyes, Jang Geun Suk is also an actor that can be trusted completely .
“Regarding the portrayal of the character, I have undergone discussions with scriptwriters and the director while improving my way of thinking. Trying hard repeatedly, and forming it little by little. The unique use of eyeliner too, and also clothing styles has followed Hwang Tae Kyung’s emotional development. Changing according to the situations, and also making changes. Starting to fulfil the requirements as an idol, and selecting glamorous clothings. Slowly, following the complicated twists of pain and love in his heart, choosing clothings with darker and duller colours to effectively portray the feeling that has to be expressed. And also, the hairstyles has been changed repeatedly and I have discovered hairstyles which I have never expected, it is very meaningful.”
And so the hairstyle which suits Hwang Tae Kyung the most is?
*Points to the DVD cover* “I think its this hairstyle. Although it is a perfectionist’s style, but in some places it expresses hidden pain and the gloom of sadness, and also strength that cannot be seen by others. Its the best expression of Hwang Tae Kyung’s character and personality.”
“Other than that, while calling out the female lead’s name “Ko Mi Nam”, I have tried various tones and in the end chose the tone which is similar to that of ordering a subordinate around.”
As seen when trying to completely get into his character, the current Jang Geun Suk is a perfectionist, just like Hwang Tae Kyung.
“Hwang Tae Kyung’s perfectionist thinking is mostly channeled into his work and is highly dedicated to his work. From this point of view I think that it is worth learning from. I also have this side to myself, but sometimes I get exhausted.” (laughs)
Of course, being with the perfectionist Hang Tae Kyung can get tiring (laughs), but the amazing thing is, you will feel loved, feel attracted. Why is that so?
“If Hwang Tae Kyung was only the son of a rich man, only believed that he has the talent, but never believes in what others say, then he would have been an irritating person. But not turning into that kind of person, I feel that he has a heart that craves for his mother’s love, but hides it well from others so that it is not visible. Therefore his biggest charm is that when he thinks he is perfect, sometimes he reveals his vulnerable side. In fact, he is a person who cannot memorise roads and gets lost easily, and also frequently makes mistakes. Its just that he is unwilling to admit it. Or he simply acts as if nothing has happened and let the matter pass (laughs). This cute side of him is also an important point, and I have put a lot of attention on this during acting.”
“Regarding things other than work (music), unexpectedly Hwang Tae Kyung is clumsy. This goes for his love life as well. He is a slow person who is late to realise Mi Nam’s feelings for him, and also his love for Mi Nam.”
“As for me, I don’t understand love that well either (laughs). But once I fall in love, I’m dedicated. I will love someone passionately. I am also attentive when it comes to observing someone. If there is anything, I would have discovered it immediately. Therefore if someone like Mi Nam disguises as a girl, I would have seen through it at once.”

Haha, that seems a little like Tae Kyung. If you were to advertise a little about the drama, what would you say?
Within one hour of watching this drama, the dreams and romantic fantasies during a girl’s teenage times will resurface after being forgotten in the bustling and stressful daily life. From this point of view, its like a lemon which is full of vitamins, it is a drama that can beautify one’s heart.
On the other hand, portraying the american-korean muder suspect in “Case of The Itaewon Homicide”, you have shown the scary two-faced side of people. This is another negative role which has left a deep impression on people.
A lot of people have the cute “Flower Boys” image, but I did not want to have a fixed image. Instead, I will take on challenging roles which are different and varying.
This character seems to be very different from myself, but through portraying this character, my acting skills have taken on a new development and I have gained confidence. There will be a big twist of styles in my next project, I will challenge the japanese comic-inspired movie, “You’re My Pet”. It is a brand new image, and I am looking forward to it.

Article credit baidu, english trans from chinese to english done by veevee @ lovesears.blogspot.

nary our yabland dancer..and her design

o yes g-nary is the most hyperactive family member in yabland...(brokenballs as it is) xoxoxoxoxoxo


Park Shin Hye and Song Joong Ki commissioned as JIFF 2010 ambassadors

Park Shin Hye and Song Joong Ki commissioned as JIFF 2010 ambassadors

by GhostWriter on March 31, 2010 @ 7:22 AM (EDT) · 35 comments
9Share We reported earlier that Park Shin Hye and Song Joong Ki had been appointed as ambassadors of the 11th Jeonju International Film Festival (JIFF).
The pair attended a press conference this afternoon, March 31st at the Seoul Sejong Hotel as they received their certificates and were officially commissioned as the ambassadors for the film festival.
Park Shin Hye said, “It’s so exciting to be the ambassador for JIFF.” Song Joong Ki shared, “I will work hard to match up to the previous sunbae ambassadors.”
The film festival begins on April 29th and goes till May 7th.

credit original author- ghostwriter

Jang Keun-Suk’s Audi photos + interview April 2, 2010 In Info, Magazine

Well, representatives of luxury automaker Audi thought that Jang Geun-Suk suited very well with their luxury cars and decided to take fashion photos of Jang Geun-Suk with Audi cars. On top of these photos, Jang Geun-Suk was also interviewed regarding various subjects. On below is an excerpt from the interview:

Q: You are capable of becoming a singer, DJ, model, MC, etc. Doesn’t your multi talent actually hinder your concentration in acting?

A (Jang Geun-Suk): I have been having that dilemma for few years. I am still young, and I want to try everything. I need to try clothes that doesn’t fit me so that I could find clothes that truly fit me. If I decide to become a master in one area then I could care less about all other areas. If I choose acting that I will speak with my movies and dramas.

Q: You should do everything. You are only 23 years old (22 in American age).

A: After I reached legal age, I drove a nice car to a nice restaurant and ate there. I thought I would become an adult by doing so. I was wrong. My occupation is to portray human and understand them. These days I like to walk and I like to see people when I am walking. If I see someone walking in a unusual way, I try to copy it.

Q: Do you feel motivated by other people’s acting?

A: (after thinking) There is one that is in my head. After drama Hwang-Jin-Yi was over there was one movie called Gambler. After seeing it, I thought I should runaway and start my military service. Cho Seung-Woo’s character was so good. At that time, I wanted to act Cho Seung-Woo’s character in Gambler so much. However, I thought, “I really want to do it (act Cho Seung-Woo’s character), I think I can do it, but why can’t I?”. I needed time to mature.

Well, there you have it. Looks like Jang Geun-Suk is working hard to become what he wants to.





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