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Monday, May 03, 2010

sweet and cute gifts from dear adjani at singapore

awwww i super heart all the gifts adjani sent me.....its twice already that i recieve a package from her...its for me and sam .....i cant mention them one by one....hehehehe there are heaps .
anyhoo...i was so upset today that the ETUDE HOUSE blush on was missing....i was sooooo happy when i open the package last week and saw it. i am jumping for joy....i feel like PSH hehehehe ;-) 
but today sadly i forgotten where i put it...i searched for two hours already....awwwwww yaaaaaaaaaaaaa......
i remember hiding it but didnt know where.
Yes u all must be wondering why i posted this in here../aside from the etude house that is related to anjell -tk n minam....of course  IM SO HAPPY TO MET SUPER THOUGHTFUL ADJANI from singapore.....its not only that shes sending me GIFts....ITS THE TRUST in TRUE ONLINE YAB family...that i treasure.
and of course I MET HER AND ALL OF THOSE NICE YAB FRIENDS through yab anjell days.....
THANK YOU SO MUCH adjani...and thank you for all for being so nice,understanding,cool,and for the trust.....
lOVE YOU ALL- ever .....TY

[VID Cuts]HongKi random funny cute vids

Credit: @chuea12 (youtube)
Shared by: Lollipop

Credit: @shinlystar (youtube)
Shared by: Lollipop

maybe u all have seen these vids before, but i want to share u all one more time^^




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