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Monday, May 17, 2010

jong yung hwa(CNBlue) comeback album jacket photos were leaked

After a roaring success with their debut single, I’m A Loner earlier this year, the CNBlue boys are swiftly making a return with their new album, Blue Love.

But it hasn’t been a smooth ride in their preparations for their comeback, starting with Jung Yonghwa being diagnosed with vocal cord nodule although he has since recovered from it.

It was further revealed on the 17th that CNBlue’s album jacket photos had also been leaked way ahead of their comeback by overseas hackers!

A FNC Music representative revealed that the photos had actually been leaked twice, showing the boys in white suits posing at an amusement park. Fans thought that it was for a magazine photoshoot but in actual fact, it was for their comeback album jacket. FNC then decided to quietly do a retake with a slightly different concept.

CNBlue will release their new album on the 19th before performing their first comeback stage the following day on the 20th through M! Countdown.


a.n.jell -your beautiful - new chatroom

TYangel log: dear all yab peps. after the chatroll issue couple of weeks ago ( limited chatters, bulletin board gone,and sharing links n videos playing up) all of the yab members and admins is making an effort searching for a new room to hang out and catch up. we had different rooms chatango,tiny,and so on.... and finally our dear adjani with the Big help from our dear Lazyjai come up with this unique chatroom -
its not same as chatroll but its rockin cool too..with all the emote icons and the sharing photos and links and videos . we cant have our avatar displayed but i encourage you all to visit and have a look at the link. We all missed you yab peps and we would love to continue spreading out our love to anjell and talks about our randomly k-pop,k-drama, and all asian idols. (note: and the hottie updates of course) jejejejeje :-P
ok here is the steps for the new mibbit chatroom:
___________ your name or your ideal nickname- and for the channel = #anjell and click "go"
again : your ideal name...and type in " #anjell" for the channel and click "go".
if anymore questions and help needed kindly make a comments, twit to us,or post in our facebook page. we would love to see you all in mibbit.

big thank you to our dear admin : lazyjai and adjani for creating this cool chatroom to keep us all together .
this is TYangel saying thatha for now and ill see you soon......

lee hongki and his pink laptop

TYangel LOG: ohh i cant help myself not to post this photo in hongki working on his PINK- i repeat PINK lappy....and that pink lappy is not soooo apple mac at all from my soo sure its a Sony...the same as what i got....hehehehehe.....i kind a not lovin the color pink but because last year it was a gift on my 26th birthday so i dont have the choice i thought im the only one with Pink ..err i repeat Pink laptop but then Hongki...i rockinly loving my pinklappy now...jajajajajajajaja as bluedelacour would have said.hehehehe.... anyhoo im so random blogging now. well this is ANJELL YABLAND afterall....gotta blog any related topics...members or anjells.
so this is TYangel saying thatha for now and ill be back in a bit.

lee hongki (ft island) random photos




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